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Translucent #1
The #1 size pictured to the left is for the average guy in mind. So for sizing if your nipple length..
Translucent #1 L
The #1L (long) on the left in comparison to the #1 on the right has an inside working length of 7/8 ..
Translucent #2
This size #2 means the inside width is ½ inch (12.5 mm) in diameter, an average size for some men an..
Translucent #2 L
Size 2L are 3/16 of an inch longer than the #2 size with a working length of over 1 inch, (26mm). Th..
Translucent #3
The size #3 are 10% bigger in diameter with the same working length as the #2’s. So for sizing,..
Translucent #3 XL
#3 XL (Extra Long), inside dimensions: 9/16 of an inch diameter, with a working length of 1 1/8..
Translucent #4
The #4 size pictured on the right has an inside dimension of .650 or a little more than 5/8 of an in..
Translucent #4 XL
These #4 XL size, pictured on the right has been a big seller the day they were posted. The picture ..
Translucent #5 XL
This #5XL size are here, pictured on the right, for all those that asked for it. To get an understan..
Pink #2
Some like it Pink. ..
Glow In The Dark Yellow Green #2
There're back, size #2  with texture. Slightly clear, after these Supples have been charge..
Pink Sparkle #2
Size #2 with texture. If you want it in #1, #1L, or # 2L (no texture) for the same pr..
Gold Dust Twins #2
These Supples were created for the girls in mind that love glitter. This last batch is high intensit..
Flesh Red #1 L
#1L is on the left. Picture shows all longer version sizes of the Supple Nipp line. #1L, #2L, #3XL, ..
Flesh Red #2
This Supple color may mimic your natural color, if not it maybe a rush anyway. We also have the #1 s..
Flesh Red #2 L
#2L inside dimensions: 1/2 of an inch diameter, 1 inch long. ..
Flesh Red #3 XL
#3XL inside dimensions: 9/16 of an inch diameter, 1 1/8 inch long. ..
Flesh Red 4 XL
The Supple Nipp on the right is the #4XL. Inside dimensions: 5/8 of an inch diameter, 1- 5/16 inch l..