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Submitted by: Admin on 14th January 2007 02: 06: 01
Category: Funny
I delighted such great pleasure. Before not get same excitement from these soft nipple cups machine. These nipples get much much sensitive. Even grow more long. I use the big one you give on internet, but is not big to fit my nipples. Both get long now and your big soft nipple cups not big enough. Can you make more big? My both nipple are much sensitive and now my husband must put his lips to them all times becasue both nipples much need to be in his mouth. I like your soft nipple cups, no hurt, no hard use, no problem to me. Is very good items to sell. I wear each days maybe 2 hour times. After take off, both nipples to touch make me want make the love soon now. Soft nipple cups is nice for me. CAn maybe you make much big ones. I will like much big ones more. These easy use after put the vaseline little about the nipple, make flat the soft cups and put over nipple. It stick and let go. Soon in time all my nipple up in all the big soft cup. Feel so good to my low area. Make my low area want something all times. Thank you (xie xie) I like. Please make much big ones more than your big one now. OK it will be better... Yes, husband like very much much, no hurt my both nipples.

Submitted by: Admin on 22nd February 2007 08: 13: 02
Category: Funny
Absolutely WONDERFUL!! Ive had my supple nipps for a day and a half now, and as warned, I am totally addicted to them. Ive always had fairly flat nipples that took a lot of coaxing to get them to become erect, and even when they did it wasnt much. I love the way the nipps make my nipples feel! To watch them slowly grow to fill the translucent LONG supples is amazing. I had a bit of a problem getting them to stay on in the beginning but I found using the lanolin product for breastfeeding mothers works great. Keeps them on a really long time and also keeps my nipples moist and conditioned. Especially since I think I wore mine to long the first time and got a bit sore. But I woke this morning, put them on and even wore them to work all day! It was the best day at work Ive had in a long time! Not only was the constant pressure and suction while at work great, but with a bra over the supple nips it looked like for the very first time I hard long, hard gorgeous nipples! Thank you soooo much. My only suggestion, like others, is make an even longer one, because I can see now this is going to become an everyday part of my wardrobe and would love to feel them stretching even longer!

Submitted by: em10 on 18th September 2008 12: 01: 09
Category: Funny
Wow.. what a product! I have just about every type of pump system they sell. Most are just so inconvenient to wear when you need to have clothes on. Not these. I'm in my late 50's but nipple play really is a turn on that is why I started to pump, hoping to grow them longer. The erotic feeling you get as you leave these on. It can turn you into one very bad girl! I'll wear mine then forget they are under my T-shirt when I have to go to our little town to shop so take them off when I go into the stores. Oh how the hardware and lumber store men love to look.. Now I do it just for that!

Submitted by: EM on 29th June 2009 03: 17: 06
Category: Funny
BUY...BUY...BUY.. there is nothing like these little gems. At 60 I use them everyday, just for my own erotic pleasure. My male friends never knew nipples could get so sensitive and make me over the top horny after using them. The fun comes when you pump, then wrap before going out wearing no bra or a nipple hole bra with a top that lets the nipples just POP at the viewers. I may be old in number but not in mind nor body. Erect nipples really turn on guys of any age. Last week at a very descreet restaurant a gent followed me down the washroom hall just to ask me how my nipples got so big. I explained the pumping then the wraps, he was about 70, very excited about it all, then got up the nerve to ask to see them.. I wasn't shy in the hall. I got a OH WOW! then was asked for my number! That sure makes use ol' broads feel good! I'll never stop enjoying life with my pumps!

Submitted by: neil on 12th January 2013 11: 23: 01
Category: Funny
just got mine in the mail today thet are great im going to order a bigger set i have already filled these up in a hour and half god what a turn on

Submitted by: Admin on 25th January 2014 02: 04: 01
Category: Funny
Just (Monday) received my translucent #4 supple nips. Ordered on Friday--VERY fast service! Got a text at work from my mail service that I had gotten a package and picked them up at lunchtime. Since I work in an isolated cubicle and wear knitted cardigans to work this time of year, I removed my bra in the parking lot and used my chapstick to make the good suction. My nipples are already quite ample I was looking for a new product for stimulation. OMG do they work! I would sneak peeks at my plump, swollen nips. I even dared to tweak them through the silicone cups-WOW!!! I had to sneak off to the ladies room and relieve my desire. I will recommend these to my girlfriends and order more of your wonderful products. Thanks!

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